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How to manage your Google Business profile in Google search

Learn how to edit and manage your Google Business profile here effectively It is essential for all businesses to claim their Google Business Profile in order to protect their brand and their online reputation. Optimizing your profile can be an effective way for your business to rank higher in Google search results, especially as Google […]

How to use influencers in the right way for SEO

Ways to effectively leverage influencers to boost your SEO If your brand is looking to make a quick win for your business and drive your SEO, influencer marketing can present one of the most efficient methods in terms of increasing reach and engagement while driving traffic and conversions. Working with influencers has grown in popularity […]

How privacy changes impact B2B marketing

A look at today’s challenges and how to succeed Privacy has become a hot topic in recent years. For example, Google announced that it would phase out third-party cookies to be replaced with new tracking technology, and similar changes were implemented with Apple’s iOS 14.5 release. Nonetheless, the elimination of third-party cookies is impacting all […]

Google Analytics 4: the good, the bad, and reasons to try it

The latest analytics update: Google Analytics 4 There are valid reasons why negative attention has been directed towards Google Analytics 4. It’s a new product, and users have been familiar with Universal Analytics for ten years; that’s a long time, especially in the marketing technology world. There are areas to improve; Google Analytics is far […]

Google makes changes to Google Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max campaigns will now have new insights, recommendations, and in-store goals A total of seven new updates are on the horizon for Performance Max (PMax) campaigns. Performance Max is Google’s newest campaign type and was highlighted at this year’s Google Marketing Live. What are Performance Max campaigns? The principal difference between Performance Max and […]