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As prospective patients live in a digital world, so should health marketing be prominent online! Relevant Audience, with its comprehensive data-driven health marketing approach, can help with call tracking in association with performance-based advertisements, with locating targeted mobile users and determine their responses to localized ads, as well as with generating leads and dynamic branding for a better hospitals and clinics marketing strategy, thus helping reach a wide interested audience. With 8o% of health-related services research starting online, don’t miss the opportunity!…

Hospitals and Clinics | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore

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Hospitals and Clinics | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Mobile Targeting

Effective health market mobile targeting lies in the ability to deliver both current and relevant data. Interest for mobile advertising can be defined by the time people spend on it, the tracking tools allowing to assess user ROI from each source, and by the benefits provided from broader user information and refined targeting capabilities.

Localized Ads

We can help hospitals and clinics set localized ad campaigns, optimizing delivering ads according to the position of possible patients. It allows you to vary your marketing strategy based on the geolocation of your target audience, giving you the possibility to tailor it to any number of scenarios, and turning it into the most personal form of mobile advertising.

Hospitals and Clinics | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
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Data-Driven Marketing

We implement a genuine “data-driven” policy in all aspects of our working decisions when applied to your health marketing strategy. We don’t go on impulse! We make all our decisive moves based on in-depth data analysis and knowledge. Therefore, this approach allows us to track and organize the data, and reach your target audience.


Our team of branding specialists will help you organize the best program for your hospitals and clinics marketing and advertising strategy on multiple devices. We will help you with an innovative branding approach that couples ads on social media and Thai video, as well as promote your health services on key influencer leaders (KOL) platforms.

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Hospitals and Clinics | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Lead Generation

Generating leads usually comes from advertising, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers. We, at Relevant Audience, are experts at stimulating and capturing the interest of potential patients in hospitals or clinics in Singapore through these various channels. Let us help you!…

Call Tracking

We can help with call tracking phone leads by inserting a tracking number in your paid ads, emails, landing pages, and website to see which of your health services marketing efforts are producing results. This process allows the tracking of calls to be linked with performance-based ads such as Google AdWords and provides additional analytics.

Hospitals and Clinics | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore

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