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Relevant Audience can help your hotel achieve high ROI’s and at the same time promote your brand to the right audience in the relevant markets and demographics. We offer and put into motion personalized marketing campaigns that incorporate an effective search ads strategy, a strong social media presence, a “white hat” SEO approach, programmatic specialists, key influencer leaders (KOL) access, and even your high-quality video ads shown on the most influential networks. Bypass the OTA’s and increase your profit margin! Hotel Digital Marketing Experts in Singapore. Get more direct bookings today and increase your RevPar!

We are happy to work on commision model basis for the marketing online of your hotel, so you don’t need to invest in advertising. Let’s make an appointment and start bringing more direct bookings to your hotel and increase your revenue today! Top digital agency for hotels in Singapore, .

We often get asked about the KPI and target metrics like, conversion rate, the conversion rate of a hotel website depends on many factors that no one should try to meet an industry benchmark. We need to understand the factors that affect those rates on your hotel website and try to improve on monthly basis.

Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore

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Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore

We will help you set a remarketing drive, enabling you to place target ads in front of previous visitors to your hotel website who browsed away without bookings and try to interest them. The campaign will also allow you to re-engage and keep alive rapports with past clients thus enhancing your chances of repeat customers.

Direct Reservations

Our Digital Marketing for Hotels team of dedicated professionals, at Relevant Audience, will help you eliminate the middle-man (OTA’s) and ensure an increase in direct reservations and profit while providing at the same time a more personal touch to your clients. We focus our efforts on reaching your target audience wherever they are!

Agencies in Singapore | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Email Marketing

In this most competitive business of digital marketing for hotels, it is imperative to maximize your ROI. We have the know-how! Let us help you set an email marketing campaign with the proper client’s segmentation that is a vital channel to maintain communication, engage potential customers and promote your property.

UX Optimization

A beautiful hotel website does not necessarily bring bookings. UX Optimization, the process of enhancing user comfort with a product by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure in the interaction with it, might do! And, this meaningful user experience allows you to trace the journeys on your website that are most conducive to sales.

Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore
Branding Specialist

Are you launching a new property? No worries, our team of branding specialists will help you plan the right strategy for your target market. We will help you create, organize and manage your branding campaign, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion, and provide analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise.

Everything is Tracked & Measured

Relevant Audience does not act on guesswork or assumptions! Every marketing strategic move we make, from the initial implementation to the customer interaction with the end product, is tracked and measured, based on in-depth data analysis and interpretation, with the aim of bringing the most value to your hotel. We provide a personalised hotel dashboard.

Hotel Marketing | Relevant Audience Digital Agency in Singapore

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