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    Press Release Distribution Service

    Press Release is a part of the Public Relations strategy.

    It is a written communication or story that contains specific yet straight-to-the-point information about a situation, event, product launch, and other occurrences.

    The distribution of press releases is generally targeted toward media outlets, journalists, publication companies, and online news sites to spark their interest. So, they would publish those releases for your business.

    The goals of a Press Release are to inform the media in hopes that they will distribute the story, create & promote awareness about your business and its products and services, and advocate the goodwill of the company to the public.

    On top of that, press releases are depicted as “news” articles.

    That is why it is essential to write releases in a journalistic style, including the major information such as the 7 W’s (who, what, where, when, why, and how). A press release should be read like a news story, this means no first-person or second-person writing (third-person writing only) to avoid any basis, putting “quotes” and verifiable data sources, along with the standard news information such as the timestamp, location, and contact information.

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    There are 3 crucial parts of the release you should know about. First is the Headline, which is what the media will read first, and if it is not attractive, you would likely lose the chance of having the release published altogether. Second, comes the leade (or lead). It is positioned in the first paragraph of the release with the purpose of “leading” the reader into the story, not telling them everything, but enough to entice them. Lastly is the summary, which concludes all the details followed by a short description of the company along with a call to action.

    Taking everything into account, a press release is a news story that promotes the different aspects of your brand through the media. The release itself is structured similar to news, using official wordings, a clear outline, pinpoint accuracy, and unbiased nature. With the goal to foster goodwill, create visibility, and inform the public of the different happenings of your business.

    We Focus on Bringing People Most Likely to Buy Your Product / Services Directly to You

    Grow Your Business Today

    Benefits of Press Release Distribution

    Reliability & Reputation

    Releases covered by trusted media outlets will convey trustworthiness and a positive reputation for your brand.

    Instant Exposure

    It is an effective way for established readers of the media sites to instantly recognize your brand via websites and social media.

    Affordable Cost

    The cost of a press release is far more affordable than doing advertisements or publicity events

    Sales Increase

    Distributing releases means more exposure, which means more potential sales for your business!

    Improve SEO ranking

    Online Press Release can include the target keyword to boost your SEO efforts and act as a powerful backlink in media publication pages.

    Measure Performance

    We can measure and provide reports on the press release’s performance. Ensure your money is spent effectively.

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    We Focus on Bringing People Most Likely to Buy Your Product / Services Directly to You

    Grow Your Business Today